About Socratic institute

In Socratic Institute we educate, network and inspire active people. We teach them how to walk the talk and make Slovakia a better place to live.

The Socratic Institute originated from a belief that learning can be practical and for use in real life. Educated, well informed and enthusiastic people can change their communities and cities. Lawyers, physicians, artists, psychologists, scientists and economists are being educated together, because solving contemporary problems requires a holistic view and collaboration.

Our activities:

1. In Socratic Institute we organize practical educational program for university students and graduates under the age of 32 years from various study fields.

2. We network our students and alumni, and we lead them to social leadership. This way we create active movement for changes in Slovakia. Since 2012 Socratic Institute has worked with more than 100 young people and has built a strong network of local leaders collaborating on new projects in Slovakia.

3. For the public we organize various lectures, discussions, one-day festival and we publish books.

More about educational program

During the study, each student has to work on his / her own project to achieve a real change in their community, city, region, school, or work. They learn to work in a team, to co-operate, to raise money and to communicate in the media. The process of creating, implementing and promoting the project is led by the team of Socratic Institute and mentors from the graduates' ranks.

Through 10 workshops, we teach students skills, knowledge and attitudes that are not represented in a standard university study. Individual workshops are led by leading Slovak and foreign lecturers. We bring topics such as: vision and self-development, civic engagement, working with the media, alternative economic systems, participation of people in the Slovak legal system, global education, intercultural facilitation and European wilderness. The workshops are held mostly in the eco-centre Zaježová.

International GENE Award
Socratic Institute was awarded Global Education Innovation Award 2017. We ended up among 12 awardees selected from 83 projects from 27 countries.
Global Education Innovation Award of Global Education Network Europe (GENE) benefits projects that bring about positive change and opens peoples’ eyes and minds to the realities of the world, locally and globally. It promotes Global Education initiatives that can bring about this change through creativity, participation, direct action, synergies and innovation, and to ultimately inspire public policy.
More information: http://gene.eu/award/awardees-2017/

Eco-centre Zaježová

The entire centre was renovated using environmental technologies and natural materials. The aim of the eco-centre is to create a space for numerous high-calibre events focusing on holistic environmental and ethical education. Equally, it provides room for mind, body and spirit programmes, which may help you not only to relax your body and mind.  

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